Jimmie Bunnell - They suck & will not give them another red cent from me unless it's counterfeit!

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I bought 2 car-seat for my daughter.They were on sale for $ 34.99.I get home take 1 to my in-laws & find out the 1 was a display not for sale tag stitch on it.

I then bring it back to the store purchase from to exchange a couple of days later. Ended up being out of stock. the only way the manager said that i could get 1 is site to store but I have to pay a different price but still out of stock no reorders. they did not offer any kind of a discount or suggest any ideas to resolve situation.

It ended up for me being SOL.Funds was return for the Display car-seat & I was a very unhappy customer.

thx for you all listening, JB

Review about: Different Prices.

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